Our Services

HOPICS is proud of its extensive services.

Behavioral Health


It is the belief of the Behavioral Health Department that consumers presented with emotional, psychological, mental, physical and social stressor or the combination thereof has a fundamental right to receive comprehensive treatment tailored to assist them with regaining some semblance of hope. We are tasked with the duty of accurately assessing for factors/barriers that circumvent individuals from tapping into needed services and effecting change in their own lives.






At HOPICS, we believe that every individual has a right to safe and clean housing. Until this right is universally honored, HOPICS is charged with standing in the gap and acting as a bridge to housing stability.



HOPICS has a rich history of serving the re-entry population by providing employment, services that are tailored to address individual needs. We are dedicated to ensuring that the re-entry population has a fair second chance at re-building their lives to become productive responsible members of the community.





Supportive Services


The supplemental services division was created to supplement our participant's needs when receiving services on site. When available, we provide our clients with hygiene kits, grooming kits, casual and business attire, and groceries amongst many other things.