Our Core Values

Commitment to Employees


Our employees are our most important resource. Therefore, we encourage continuous learning and staff development to help empower all employees to reach their full potential. We value the education and life experiences that make up our workforce and commit to recognition for all employee contributions to the organization.




We promote a culture of active listening and open communication. We respect the views of others and encourage employees at all levels to contribute to our growth and success by expressing their thoughts and ideas. Our employees communicate with clarity and confidence.


Honesty and Integrity


We demostrate integrity every day by practicing the highest ethical standards by ensuring that actions follow our words. Our employees show their true self to others and are genuine. Honesty and integrity produce trust - trust in ourselves and in all those around us. Trust in turn produces confidence which we all need to most effectively service our clients and meet organizational goals.


Integration and Innovation


We are proudly innovative in our service model. Our integrated model allows us to comprehensively address the multiple issues faced by our clients. The unique approach we take to develop partnerships and systems changes is unmatched. We embrace the advancement of technology and research to more effectively and creatively serve the individual needs of our clients.


Respect and Dignity


We are dedicated to ensuring that every participant and employee is treated with dignity and respect and those differences are valued and individual abilities and contributions are recognized.




Success centers in all departments working together and sharing information and resources to achieve common goals. We value each team member and remain united in our successes and challenges. We value personal responsibility and accountability, collaborative effort and problem solving and the spirit of camaraderie.





Our Mission

​HOPICS is dedicated to providing the highest quality innovative social service to South Los Angeles with an emphasis on behavioral health and housing stability.


Our Vision


To provide the best quality of service to homeless and low-income households in South Los Angeles and surrounding areas and to employ the most qualified staff availableand build our services and programs to meet the diverse needs of the community.