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Community Impact

Exploring HOPICS' service and growth through numbers

Our Data

​HOPICS' Data Team diligently collects data from our 55 programs every month. This information is crucial in helping us communicate the impact of our work and how we are serving our clients and community. The data presented below was collected between July 2022 and March 2023, and is updated on a monthly basis, typically within 2-3 weeks of the end of each month.

Last updated April 2023.

At A Glance

The table below highlights some of the services that we provide. The total number of services is shown next to a line graph that shows the month-by-month breakdown of these services. This format enables us to easily track trends and fluctuations in service provision over time, while also highlighting the areas in which we are making the biggest impact.


Our Program Types

This graph below displays the number of people we serve across different program types. The graph also includes a filter that allows you to view data for different months. This provides a quick and easy way to visualize the number of clients we serve and what types of services we provide. 


A Growing Organization

The graph above depicts the total number of active, exited, and new clients over time, providing a clear picture of our organizational growth. By tracking changes in our client base, we can assess the reach of our programs and services. This graph is a powerful tool for understanding the scope of our work.

Supportive Services

The two graphs below display the number of supportive and employment services we provide, providing a clear overview of the range of services we offer to support our clients in achieving their goals. HOPICS uses a "whatever it takes" approach to ensure clients are provided with all of their basic needs. These supportive services are provided by a range of HOPICS' programs. Some of these services include supporting clients in applying for benefits, participating in employment services, and connecting clients with basic needs such as food, transportation, clothing, documents, and more. 

These supportive services are vital to a client's ability to attain and retain long-term housing. While HOPICS operates on a housing-first model, it is important to recognize that wrap-around services are critical to the mental and physical wellbeing of clients. These services are integrated into the Access Centers as well as many other programs and aim to bolster the success of program outcomes.

Program Outcomes

The display below highlights the most important data for five program types, alongside a graph depicting the number of active clients over the past few months. This data is important because it allows us to track our progress, measure our impact, and identify areas where we need to improve our services to better serve our clients and community.

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